At Blue Hat Ventures we have a growth mindset developed through extensive intrapreneurial experience inside large & complex organizations, brought to market across the Asia Pacific region. This uniquely positions us to help partners navigate the complex and diverse new landscape and build immediate, actionable plans to deliver on new opportunities. We help you focus in three core areas – Commercial, Creative and Corporate.

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The relentless advancement of Technology over the last 30 years, in particular expansion of the internet, mobile, social media, and faster processing speeds has launched a Tech-driven transformation of the Media & Consumer sector in the Asia Pacific region. Accelerated deployment of the next wave through Industry 4.0, Services 4.0 and continued expansion of integrated ecosystems across Consumer Tech Platforms such E-Commerce, Mobile Operators and Social/Messaging, is already driving a new wave of changing consumer behavior, business models and industry dynamics.

Asian Consumer

In parallel to the global technology advances, the Asian Consumer has emerged on a massive scale, with increased spending power, unique identities & preferences, and with rapid, native adoption of new technologies, creating new consumption habits and business models. The markets in Asia are diverse, connected and complex … and with more than half of the world’s population, increasingly “The Future is Asian”.

Commercial | Creative | Corporate (3C’s)

The positive impact of Technology, and rapid emergence of the Asian Consumer, provides huge business growth potential, but many organizations struggle to pivot their existing business, or build a new capability rapidly enough to address the potential.

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