The business landscape is increasingly Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA), placing demand on executives to have immediate answers to a diverse set of problems. We’re here to make the complex simple. Here are some of our stories where we delivered exceptional value creation through analysis, focus, and actionable plans.

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  • Digital Distribution and Online Video Strategy

    Company Type
    TV Broadcasting, Content Distribution, Mobile Entertainment

    Digital Transformation; Restructuring; Evolving Business Models, Distribution Strategy; Deal Making & Strategic Partnerships

    As a leading, premium brand TV network and studio group, we regularly engaged with consumer platforms and a diverse network of TV industry stakeholders across the value chain. We identified early the future impact of audience behavioural shifts towards internet, mobile and social entertainment consumption, and analysed the potential negative impact on traditional distribution channels and long established business models. Slowed growth would clearly impact financial performance, organisational structures, and skills required to compete.

    Embracing this shift, we designed a “Future of TV” workshop to identify possible scenarios, and develop paths to best position ourselves. This led to actionable plans to focus on expanding partnerships with mobile operators, develop new streaming products, rapidly increase content licensing to both global and local OTT streaming platforms, and restructure teams to align traditional and emerging digital media behind a single set of growth objectives. Successful implementation delivered sustained high revenue growth and profitability, established long term partnerships with increasingly influential partners, and increased team engagement.

  • Digital & Social Media Marketing Strategy

    Company Type
    Filmed Entertainment; Social Media & Digital Marketing; Brand Management

    Digital Transformation; Restructuring; Evolving Business Models

    Initiated and led a refresh of traditional feature film marketing: film marketing campaigns had historically been developed using a traditional template, resulting in inefficient and ineffective audience engagement. The emergence of fan communities and increased reach across digital and social media platforms provided a more engaging and cost effective medium. There was significant internal resistance to change, as teams only had a surface level understanding of the tools and skills needed to fully utilise these emerging digital media platforms.

    We addressed this by building a native digital marketing team and implementing a digital marketing strategy measured by key online audience metrics, and empowered to develop digital assets, evolve business models and establish an “always on” sustained audience engagement plan. The net outcome was a massive boost in online film & brand engagement, rapid revenue and market share increase and improved movie profitability. Establishing the digital marketing team also provided a foundation for a digital media publishing business, generating new audiences and revenue streams.

  • Retail and Consumer Product Transformation

    Transformation; Restructuring; Evolving Business Models; Deal Making & Strategic Partnerships

    Assumed leadership of a multi-market Brand Licensing business that had been outsourced to a third party agent. Growth had slowed, quality of product had declined, and the licensee base was fragmented with limited retail presence. After detailed analysis, we reignited growth by prioritising larger, more competitive partners (“Partner with Winners”). We focused on improving creative product design and establishing marketing excellence to deliver compelling value to high profile partners and rapidly increased brand presence at retail.

    To enable this we restructured the organization to bring the business back in-house, establish centers of expertise in our regional team, and simultaneously built strong local offices across multiple markets. With this we were able to develop Key Account Plans, track KPI’s for partners, introduce best practices, improve product quality and deliver a revenue growth rate exceeding 40% in key markets, at a robust profit margin.

  • Leadership & Organization Transformation

    Leadership & Culture; Transformation

    Assumed leadership of a group of companies with different stakeholders, unaligned priorities, varying self interests and contrasting cultures. The individuals were talented, but dysfunctional as a team, which created conflict, slowed decision making and reduced collaboration. Opportunities were missed to work together on value creating partnerships, team morale was low and growth slowing.

    We brought the leaders together in a workshop to spend time identifying both their individual and organizational purpose (“Start with Why?”). It took courage, candor and openness to establish a new bond and environment of shared accountability. As an outcome the leaders shifted their focus to an agreed vision, mission and values, allowing them to quickly identify a simple and focused set of shared business goals. Collaboration increased delivering new projects and partnerships, communication improved internally boosting team morale & productivity, and reputation & feedback from stakeholders improved. The team ended up leading the fastest growth region internationally.

  • Customer Experience and Innovation Speaker

    Company Type
    Financial Services Companies

    Public Speaking/ Workshops on Leadership & Culture; Transformation; Innovation & Creativity

    Requested by several financial services companies – including a leading bank in the Philippines and a Singaporean Insurance company – to provide key note talks covering topics of Customer Experience, Innovation and Transformation. Drawing from decades of operational leadership in iconic Entertainment, Media and Consumer businesses I developed tailored talks sharing insights on a Customer First strategy, Innovation, Creativity, Storytelling and Transformation. Received enthusiastic feedback & endorsements from both participants and organisers.

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